Storm Damage

For many people, their home is the largest investment they will make, and it serves as their most valuable asset. Your house needs to remain in top condition for it to retain its value. Attending to improvements and repairs as soon as they are needed is the ideal way to ensure your property stays in excellent shape.

Regular weather exposure can damage your structure, but so can storms and the hail they produce. We are a preferred contractor that works with a variety of major insurance companies to repair hail damage. If not handled as soon as possible, hail damage can leave unsightly flaws and leaks.

Storm Repair to roof

Storm Damage 101

We will assess your roof and help you determine if you have enough damage to qualify for a claim. Most major insurance carriers require a specific number of damaged spots or hits per square, (10' by 10' area), of your roof. Whether your roof has minor or significant damage, we will work with you and your insurance company to design a plan for fixing the problem.